After dark whisky price [updated 2024]

After dark whisky price: The After Drank is a popular Indian whisky Brand Created by Radico Khaitan. brand first came out in 2011 and since it’s been an increasingly popular choice among Whisky lovers across India.

Made from 100% grains barley malt, rye and corn The After Dark whisky has a distinctive taste and flavour that distinguish it from other well-known Brands in the Market. Available in 750ml, 375ml and 180ml bottles, the After Dark whisky can be enjoyed by many different types of customers.

With an alcohol percentage of 42.8 Percentage of Alcohol, it’s one of the strongest whiskies on the market. This Sweet and smoky flavour is a favorite among whisky lovers across India as well as around the world. Below are the latest After dark whisky prices in India.

After Dark Whisky Details

Alcohol Percentage42.8 %
Country of originIndia
ManufacturerRadico Khaitan
Establishment Year2011

After dark whisky price in Delhi

After dark whisky 90ml₹65
After dark whisky 180ml₹125
After dark whisky 375ml₹245
After dark whisky 750ml₹490

After dark whisky price in UP


After dark price in Kolkata


After dark price in Kerala

After dark 180 ml price₹320
After dark 375 ml price₹650
After dark 750 ml price₹1290

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the After dark price in Delhi?

The price of after dark whiskey in Delhi is ₹490 For 750ml

What is the Signature whisky alcohol percentage?


After dark whisky price 750ml ?

The price of 750ml after dark Whisky is ₹500 to 600 in India.

In conclusion

Today in this article we discussed the latest after dark whisky price in Delhi, Kolkata, UP and Kerala. For some more exact prices, it is recommended that you should visit your nearest liquor shop. The price of after dark whisky may differ from place to place due to a lot of factors like state taxes and the location of store.

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