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AK Jain Physiology PDF: Hello friend, today in this article we are going to share AK Jain Physiology pdf, AK Jain Practical Physiology pdf, and Physiology AK Jain PDF. You can very easily download this book pdf by clicking on the download button given below.

Textbook of Physiology is written by famous author AK Jain sir. In this book there are a total of 7 Units including 63 chapters list is given below. This is one of the most popular books on Physiology and is recommended by everyone.

How many volumes of AK Jain physiology are there?

AK Jain physiology book is divided into two Volumes: Volume 1 and Volume 2

AK Jain Physiology PDF download

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AK Jain Physiology PDF
AK Jain Physiology PDF

Index: AK Jain Physiology PDF

Unit 1: General Physiology 

  1. The Structure and Function of a Cell  
  2. Transport Across Cell Membranes 
  3. Body Water and Body Fluids 
  4. The Membrane Potentials 

Unit 2: Blood 

  1. Composition and Functions of Blood 
  2. The Plasma Proteins7. Haemoglobin 
  3. Erythrocyte – Red Blood Corpuscle (R BC) 
  4. Jaundice
  5. Leucocyte – White Blood Corpuscle ( WB C)
  6. Platelets or Thrombocytes
  7. Coagulation of Blood 
  8. Blood Groups
  9. Lymphoid Tissues and Lymph 
  10. Immunity (The Immune System) 

 Unit 3: Nerve Muscle Physiology

  1. Structure and Function of Nervous Tissues
  2. Physiological Properties of Nerve Fibers 
  3. Nerve Fiber Types and Functions 
  4. Degeneration and Regeneration in Peripheral Nerves
  5. Neuromuscular Junction 
  6. Skeletal Muscle
  7. Cardiac Muscle
  8. Smooth Muscle 

Unit 4: The Digestive System : 

  1. Physiological Anatomy of Gastro-intestinal Tract (GIT) 
  2. Physiology of Salivary Secretion
  3. Mouth and Oesophagus
  4. The Stomach
  5. Pancreas
  6. Liver and Gall Bladder
  7. Small Intestine 
  8. Large Intestine (Colon) 
  9. Digestion and Absorption in the GIT 
  10. GIT Hormones

Unit 5: The Cardio-Vascular System (CVS) 

  1. Physiological Anatomy of the Heart 
  2. Properties of the Cardiac Muscle 
  3. The Cardiac Cycle 
  4. The Electrocar diogram (ECG) 
  5. General Principles of the Circulation
  6. Cardio-vascular Regulatory Mechanisms
  7. The Heart Rate 
  8. The Cardiac Output
  9. Arterial Blood Pressure 
  10. The Regional Circulation
  11. Cardiovascular Homeostasis in Health and Disease 

Unit 6:  The Respiratory System 

  1. Physiological Anatomy of the Respiratory System 
  2. Mechanics of Respiration 
  3. Transport of Gases
  4. Regulation of Respiration
  5. Hypoxia 
  6. Physiology of High Altitude 
  7. Effects of High Atmospheric Pressure 
  8. Pulmonary (Lung Function Tests)
  9. physiology of Exercise 
  10. Physiology of Yoga 

Unit 7: The Excretory System 

  1. Physiological Anatomy of the Kidney
  2. Mechanism of Formation of Urine
  3. Renal Clearance
  4. Mechanism of Concentration and Dilution of Urine – The Counter Current System 
  5. Acidification of Urine
  6. Regulation of Volume and Concentration of Body Fluids
  7. Kidney (Renal) Function Tests 
  8. Physiology of Micturition 
  9. Regulation of Body Temperature in Humans

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Is AK Jain enough for physiology? 

Physiology can be a difficult subject to understand. While you might be tempted to use other books, its concept will soon evaporate in your hands if you use it. As far as AK Jain, it’s an excellent book for passing exams.

In this blog, we provided you Physiology book pdf by AK Jain. If you have a requirement for any other book pdf you can suggest it in the comment section we will try to provide it.

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