Antiquity Blue Whisky Price In India updated 2024

Antiquity Blue Whisky Price In India: Antiquity Blue is an Indian whisky Brand manufactured by United Spirits Limited which is a Diego Company subsidiary. Shaw Wallace established the Antiquity brand in the year 1992. It was acquired by UB Group in 2005 to Merge with United Spirits Ltd.

A London-based Design company was given a revamp to antiquity blue in 2005. The Revamp was given to maintain the prestige of the Shaw Wallace name on the Bottles of Antiquity Whiskies.

antiquity blue whisky is very popular in India due to its cheap and affordable prices and comparatively, it is affordable to other whisky brands.

antiquity blue whisky price in India Depends on several factors like State Taxes, Demand, and the Location of the store.

42.8% is the alcohol percentage of antiquity whiskey.

Blenders Pride, Royal Stag, Royal Green, and Royal Challenge Whiskies are some of the Biggest competitors of Antiquity Whisky in India. In this article, we will discuss the latest and updated prices of antiquity whiskey in some Indian states.

There are two different variants of antiquity whisky available in India. Each of these variants of Antiquity whisky has known for its unique taste and flavors.

  • Antiquity Blue
  • Antiquity Rare

Antiquity Blue Whisky Price In India

Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Country of originIndia
Manufactured byUnited Spirits Ltd
Establishment Year1992

Antiquity Blue Whisky Price In Kolkata

Antiquity Blue Whisky 180ml₹388
Antiquity Blue Whisky 375ml₹805
Antiquity Blue Whisky 750ml₹1610

Antiquity Blue Price in Mumbai

Brand + VolumePrice
Antiquity Blue Ultra Premium 180ml₹365
Antiquity Blue Ultra Premium 375ml₹730
Antiquity Blue Ultra Premium 750ml₹1455

Antiquity blue price in Chennai

Brand + VolumePrice
Antiquity Blue Ultra Premium Whisky 180ml₹260
Antiquity Blue Ultra Premium Whisky 375ml₹560
Antiquity Blue Ultra Premium Whisky 750ml₹1120

Antiquity whisky price in UP

Antiquity whisky price in UP 180ml₹440
Antiquity whisky price in UP 375ml₹700
Antiquity whisky price in UP 750ml₹1400
Antiquity whisky price in UP 1000ml₹1800

Latest Antiquity Blue Price in Odisha


Antiquity blue price in Punjab


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