B7 Whisky price in India (updated 2024)

B7 Whisky price in India: Sterling Reserve B7 manufactured by Allied Blenders and Distilleries. Sterling Reserve B7 is a Premium Indian whisky Brand that is so popular in India. If You are someone from India who Loves premium whiskies, Then You Should Definitely Try B7 Whisky. In this article, we shared the latest B7 whisky price in India.

Allied Blenders and Distillers is the third-largest whisky manufacturing company in India. In the year 1988, this was founded by Kishore Rajaram Chhabria and Since then they have expanded their business and Launched different types of whiskies to serve large audiences in India.

Sterling Reserve was launched by Allied Blenders and Distillers launched in the year 2019. It is Made with the Blend of Indian finest Indian grain spirits and Scotch malts, Among some of the largest brands such as Blenders Pride and 100 Pipers, the Sterling Reserve has taken over the Indian whisky market.

The B7 whisky price in Delhi also depends on location and the price may also depend on various factors like bottle size, variants, and state taxes. However, The price of 750ml b7 whiskey in Kolkata is Around ₹700-₹800.

The Alcohol Percentage of B7 whisky is 42.8% in India.

Sterling Reserve B7 Whisky price in India

Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Country of originIndia
ManufacturerAllied Blenders and Distilleries
Establishment Year1988

B7 Whisky Price in Kolkata

B7 Whisky Price 375ml425
B7 Whisky Price 750ml₹850

Latest B7 Whisky Price in Delhi

B7 Whisky 95ml₹95
B7 Whisky 180ml₹180
B7 Whisky 375ml₹360
B7 Whisky 750ml₹720
B7 Whisky 1000ml₹930

Today in this article we shared the latest price of b7 whisky in Delhi and Kolkata for more exact prices you can also visit your nearest liquor shop.

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