Budweiser beer price 330ml, 650ml [updated 2024]

Budweiser beer price: Are You Searching For Budweiser Beer Price? Look No Further as We Provide Here the latest Budweiser magnum beer price. In this blog we provide you the latest Budweiser beer price in Delhi, Budweiser beer can price and other information like Budweiser variants and flavours.

Budweiser Beer has long been one of the top choices among beer enthusiasts throughout India, from night clubs and parties to gatherings and celebrations – every beer lover turns to Budweiser thanks to its refreshing taste and aroma.

Budweiser Beer widespread appeal among Indians can be attributed to its accessibility. You can access Budweiser from any alcohol retailer, bar, or restaurant making purchasing and enjoying this beer an effortless process for consumers.

Budweiser remains popular due to its attractive pricing strategy as its lower costs compare favorably with more premium whiskies such as Blenders Pride or Royal Green.

Budweiser Beer price

Budweiser beer price in India VolumePrice
Budweiser beer price in Kolkata330ml₹90
Budweiser beer price in Pune650ml₹195
Budweiser beer price in Haryana650ml₹195
Budweiser beer price in Hyderabad330ml₹145
Budweiser beer price in Punjab330ml₹130
Budweiser beer price in Mumbai330ml₹100
Budweiser beer price in UP650ml₹195
Budweiser beer price in Chandigarh750ml₹130
Budweiser beer price in Indore650ml₹170
Budweiser beer price in Odisha650ml₹195

Budweiser beer price in Delhi

Budweiser beer price in DelhiVolumePrice
Budweiser Magnum Beer price330ml₹130
Budweiser Magnum Beer price650ml₹220
Budweiser Premium Beer price330ml₹130
Budweiser Premium Beer price650ml₹210

Budweiser beer price in Rajasthan

Budweiser beer price in RajasthanvolumePrice
Budweiser Global King Of Beers650 ML220
Budweiser Global King Of Beers500 ml 160
Budweiser Global King Of Beers330 ML125
Budweiser Magnum Global King Of Beers650 ML260
Budweiser Magnum Global King Of Beers500 ml 195
Budweiser Magnum Premium International Beer650 ML260
Budweiser Magnum Premium International Beer500 ml 195
Budweiser Premium International Beer650 ML220
Budweiser Premium International Beer500 ml 160
Budweiser Premium International Beer330 ML125

FAQ- Budweiser beer price

What is the price of Budweiser beer 650ML?

The price of Budweiser beer 650ml in Delhi is Rs.210

What is the price of Magnum beer 650ML?

The price of Budweiser magnum beer 650ml in Delhi is Rs.210

What is the price of Budweiser 330ML?

The price of Budweiser beer 330ml in Delhi is Rs.130

Is Budweiser an expensive beer?

No, Budweiser is not an expensive beer the price of 330ml Budweiser beer is ₹130 and ₹220 for 650ml.

Is Budweiser strong alcohol? Is Budweiser high in alcohol?

No, Budweiser is not high in alcohol. The alcohol percentage of Budweiser beer is from 5% to 6.5%.

Which beer contains 15% alcohol?

Bro code beer contains 15% alcohol percentage in some of its variants. Bro code beer is the strongest beer.

Is Budweiser a beer or whiskey

Budweiser is a beer. Budweiser Beer first launched by Carl Conrad & Co in 1876 is one of the world’s best-known beer brands. Composed of water, barley malt, rice, yeast and hops; Budweiser is loved by beer enthusiasts around the globe for its distinctive taste and aroma.

In conclusion

Budweiser beer prices may differ depending on factors like location of shops and taxes. We suggest visiting your local retailer to view the Latest Budweiser beer price; hopefully this article provides clarity regarding these questions about beer costs in India.

Since 2011, when AB InBev first entered the Indian Beer market with Budweiser, they have taken the market by storm. When Budweiser debuted, India’s alcohol market was experiencing rapid expansion and other brands were entering. Yet through strategic planning, marketing, and smart ads AB Inbev successfully targeted India’s youth to become the top-selling beer brand nationwide.

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