Contessa rum price in India [Updated 2024]

Contessa rum price: Hello friedns welcome back to , Today in this article we share the Contessa rum price in India and also its different variants available in India.

Contessa Rum has become one of the most acclaimed brands in India since it first released back in 1954 by Radico Khitan. We will discuss its price in Delhi as well as discuss all of its variants here. Contessa rum is so cheaper than other rum brands available in Indian Market.

The pricing strategy was an integral component to Contessa Rum success in India’s market, even without resorting to any form of advertising for promotion purposes. Contessa rum has since become one of the top brands available locally made foreign liquor products.

Contessa rum price in India

Contessa XXX Rum price 180 MlRs.160
Contessa XXX Rum price 375 MlRs.280
Contessa XXX Rum price 750 MlRs.450

About Contessa Rum price

Country of originIndia
ManufacturerRadico Khaitan Ltd.
Profilewarm and mellow

In conclusion

Contessa Rum price in India depends upon various factors including local taxes, bottle size and where it is being sold. It would be wise to contact your local liquor retailer to ascertain an accurate cost estimate of Contessa Rum.

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