Latest Corona beer price [updated 2024]

Corona beer price: Corona beer, produced by Grupo Modelo of Mexico since 1925 at Cerveceria Modelo brewery in Mexico City, has long been one of the world’s favourite beers, particularly popular across both Mexico and America.

Corona Beer is famously beloved, due to its light yet crisp taste as well as its trademark clear bottle featuring an inimitable lime wedge on top. Serving it this way reportedly enhances its flavour even further! Corona beer has long been associated with beach culture and relaxation. The light golden colored beer features subtle notes of hops and malt and contains 4.5% ABV alcohol.

In This blog, we will discuss about corona beer price, corona beer price in India, and Corona beer price in Delhi. In India, Corona beer is manufactured by Ab-inbev.

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Corona Beer Price in Delhi

Corona Beer PriceVolumePrice
corona extra beer price in Delhi330ml₹180
corona extra beer price in Delhi500ml₹300

Corona Beer price in India

Corona Extra beer price in India Volumeprice
corona beer price in Mumbai330ml₹155 – ₹180
corona beer price in Mumbai500ml₹250 – ₹300
corona beer price in Kolkata330ml₹185 – ₹225
corona beer price in Kolkata500ml₹275 – ₹325
corona beer price in Goa330ml₹100 – ₹120
corona beer price in Goa500ml₹150 – ₹180
corona beer price in Bangalore330ml₹280 – ₹300
corona beer price in Bangalore500ml₹380 – ₹400
corona beer price in Hyderabad330ml₹200- ₹220
corona beer price in Hyderabadd500ml₹280- ₹300
corona beer price in Assam330ml₹75-80
corona beer price in Assam500ml₹100-110

FAQ- Corna Beer price

What is the price of Corona beer?

Corona beer price depends upon many factors including retailers, bottle size and state taxes. In India, an individual can buy a 330ml Corona bottle typically ranges in price between Rs180 to Rs280 and a 500ml bottle ranges between Rs250 to 350.

Is Corona strong beer?

The alcohol percentage of Corona beer is 5% and in most of the whiskies the alcohol percentage is near 42%.

What is the price of Corona Extra 330ml?

Corona beer price in Delhi depends on its bottle size: typically, 330ml bottles of Corona cost Rs.180 and 500ml bottles about Rs.300.

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