Latest Dot whisky price in India 2024

Dot whisky price in India: Hello friends, today in this blog we will discuss the latest dot whisky prices and provide all the information regarding Dot whisky like its manufacturing process and variants etc.

Dot whisky is manufactured by VKMliquor. The company produces manily two liquor Alvin and dot whisky. Demineralized Water, Grain Spirits, Malt Spirits, containing permitted natural colour are used to manufacture Dot whisky.

Dot whisky price in India

Dot whisky price VolumePrice
Dot whisky price 750mlRs.490
Dot whisky price 375mlRs.245
Dot whisky price 180mlRs.125
Dot whisky price

The manufacturing process of Dot whisky

There are six steps used to manufacture Dot whisky which are mentioned below. This process makes Dot whisky unique and gives a palate taste.

  • Malting
  • Mashing
  • Fermentation
  • Distillation
  • Maturation
  • Bottling

Manufacturing process of Dot whisky
Manufacturing process of Dot whisky

Dot whisky price in Delhi

Dot whisky price in Kolkata: Some of the basic information regarding the dot whisky is provided in this blog. In this blog we shared the Dot whisky price in Delhi, dot whisky price in Kolkata. The prices of dot whisky may vary from place to place due to some factors like state taxes and the location of the liquor store. This whisky is available only in some places in India.

If you have any more information regarding Dot whisky you can suggest it in the comment section.

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