Golfers shot whisky price [Updated 2024]

Golfers shot whisky price: Golfers Shot Whiskey is a whisky with an ABV of 42.8 percent which is in line with the famous Indian whiskey brand within its portfolio. golfer Shot Whiskey is a unique blend that gives it a mature golden colour and an intense flavour inside a handcrafted oak bottle.

The creamy taste is a perfect match for the aroma of dried fruit and spices with the richness of dark chocolate, with a hint of floral notes and a hint of smoke. The bold blend elevates the taste with woody notes and a long-lasting slight smoky flavor.

Golfers shot is available in Five different sizes in India 750ml, 375ml, 180ml, 90ml, and 60ml. golfer shot whisky is available in three different variants limited edition music pack, exclusive glass pack and lens pack.

Country of originIndia
ManufacturerAlcobrew Distilleries India Ltd.
Launched 2014

Golfer Shot Price In India

 Whisky Price
Golfer shot price in Delhi 375mlRs.410/-
Golfer shot price in Delhi 750mlRs.900/-
Golfer shot price in Haryana 750mlRs.950/-
Golfers shot price in Kerala 750mlRs.920/-
Golfers shot whisky price Bangalore 180mlRs.260/-
Golfers shot price in RajasthanRs.820/-

Golfers shot price in Delhi


Golfer Shot Whisky Price in UP

Brand + Volumeprice
Golfer Shot Whisky 60ml₹105
Golfer Shot Whisky 180ml₹285
Golfer Shot Whisky 375ml₹505
 Golfer Shot Whisky 750ml₹1100

Today in this article we provided you with the latest golfers shot whisky price in India. Golfers shot whisky price in India may vary depending Upon Various Factors Like Local taxes, Store Location, and Bottle Size.


How much alcohol is in a golfers shot whiskey?

The alcohol percentage of golfers shot whisky is 42.8%

Is golfer shot whiskey or scotch?

Golfe shot is a blended scotch whisky

golfer shot 750ml price in delhi

The price of 750ml golfer shot whisky in Delhi is Rs.900

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