Hunter Beer price in India [updated 2024]

Hunter Beer price in India: Hello friends, Today in this article we will discuss the Hunter beer price in India, its alcohol percentage and Hunter beer variants available in India. Hunter is one of the most popular and cheapest beer which is available in India and loved by all youth.

The alcohol percentage of Hunter beer ranges from 5-7% as per different variants. Hunter beer is manufactured by Som Distilleries and Breweries Limited.

The price of Hunter beer is Rs.130 for a 500ml bottle and Rs.180 for a 650ml bottle. This price may vary from place to place due to some factors like state taxes, transportation charges and the location of the store.

Hunter beer price in India

Hunter beer priceVolume Price
Hunter Refreshing Strong Natural Wheat Beer330ML₹90
Hunter Refreshing Strong Natural Wheat Beer500ML₹130
Hunter Refreshing Strong Natural Wheat Beer650ML₹180

Hunter beer variants

Available variants: Hunter beer is available in both bottle and can.

  • Hunter Beer Bottle 650 ml, 330 ml
  • Hunter Beer Can 500ml, 330 ml

Hunter Strong Premium Beer

Hunter Premium Beer has been instrumental in SOM’s story of success ever since it was launched. Crafted with malts from Argentina and Chile and German hops, its strong yet smooth taste has cemented its status among strong beer enthusiasts worldwide. Boasting rich quality and taste – its robust qualities provide endowing bliss while its excellent palatability means strong yet truly smooth beers making Hunter beer the ideal way to unwind after work hours.

We try to provide you all the information regarding the hunter beer. If you have any other information available you can suggest it in the comment section.

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