Iconiq white whisky price [updated 2024]

Iconiq white whisky price: Hello friends, welcome back to globalwhiskyprice.com, today in this blog we will discuss the latest iconiq white whisky price in India and all other information related to this whisky like its alcohol percentage and its variants available in the Indian Market.

Iconiq white whisky is available in three different bottle sizes in India which are 180ml, 375ml and 750ml so you can buy Iconiq whisky as per your requirement. In India Iconiq whisky is manufactured by Allied Blenders and distillers. The alcohol percentage of Iconiq white whisky is 42.8%.

ICONiQ White is an exceptional combination of imported Scotch malts aged in bourbon oak casks, blended with select matured malt and finest Indian grain spirits. The combination of fruity and nutty aromas complimenting its woody essence creates an exceptional aromatic experience.

Iconiq White whisky price

Iconiq whisky price VolumePrice
Iconiq White Whisky Price180ml₹180
Iconiq White Whisky Price375ml₹340
Iconiq White Whisky Price 750ml₹680

The Price of Iconiq white whisky is Rs.180 for a 180ml bottle and Rs.340 for a 375ml bottle. The prices may vary from state to state in India due to state taxes, transportation charges and the location of the store.

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In conclusion

The packaging of this Whisky looks luxurious; it comes in an attractive modern bottle with an eye-catching white Label that adds an extra premium look. When it comes to tasting notes and flavours, I found fruity malty aromas complemented with vanilla honey citrus notes when nosing the bottle.

In this blog, we have tried to provide you with all the information related to Iconiq white whisky. If you have any suggestions please inform us in the comment section.

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