Latest Imperial blue price in India [updated 2024]

Imperial Blue Price in India: Hello friends, welcome to our blog Today in this blog we are going to share IB Whisky price in India. Also, we will share all other important information about Imperial Blue Whisky like its Manufacturer, establishment, flavours, variants and alcohol percentage.

The alcohol percentage of Imperial Blue whisky is 47% ABV which is high compared to other brands. Imperial blue whisky is made with Demineralised Water, Grain Neutral Spirit and Scotch Malts Concentrate

Imperial Blue, one of the world’s best-selling whiskies, is an exceptional blend of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malts, first launched in India in 1997. Since joining Pernod Ricard in 2002, its success has grown year on year; today, Imperial Blue stands as its flagship brand by volume.

Imperial Blue whisky is available in 4 different bottle sizes:

  • Imperial Blue 90ml
  • Imperial Blue 180ml
  • Imperial Blue 375ml
  • Imperial Blue 750ml

Imperial Blue price | IB whisky price

IB price in India Volume Approx Price
Imperial Blue Price750 mlRs.900
Imperial Blue Price375 mlRs.390
Imperial Blue Price180 mlRs.190
Imperial Blue Price90 mlRs.90

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Imperial Blue Whisky price in India

Imperial Blue whisky priceVoulmePrice
Imperial blue price in Kolkata750ml₹520
Imperial blue price in Delhi750ml₹900
Imperial Blue price in Karnataka750ml₹590
Imperial blue price in Haryana750ml₹580
Imperial blue price in Up750ml₹550
Imperial blue price in Mp750ml₹520
Imperial blue price in Pondicherry750ml₹580
Imperial blue whisky price in Mumbai750ml₹560
Imperial blue whisky price in Bangalore750ml₹610

What is the price of Imperial blue 750ml in India?

The price of Imperial Blue 750ml in India typically ranges from Rs.600 to Rs.750 due to some factors like tax variants in states, transportation charges and the location of the liquor store.

What is the price of Imperial blue 90ml?

The price of Imperial Blue 750ml in India typically ranges from Rs.70 to Rs.120

What is the price of Imperial blue 180 ml?

The price of Imperial Blue 750ml in India typically ranges from Rs.170 to Rs.210

In conclusion

In this blog, we have shared all the information about IB price, Imperial Blue 180ml price, and Imperial Blue 750ml price. The prices of Imperial blue whisky may vary from place to place dut to some factors. If you know the exact price of Imperial blue you can suggest it in the comment section.

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