Indri Single Malt Indian Whiskey Price(Updated 2024)

Indri Single Malt Indian Whiskey Price in India

Indri Single Malt Indian Whisky originates from India. It is produced in the state of Haryana, at the Piccadilly Distilleries. This whisky is notable for being crafted with precision and care, utilizing locally sourced ingredients. The name “Indri” is derived from a village in the region, reflecting its deep connection to its place of origin. Indri Single Malt is recognized for its unique flavour profile, which is influenced by the Indian climate and the traditional methods employed in its production.

Indri Whisky Edition’s

The types of Indri Single Malt Indian Whisky include:

  1. Indri-Trini: This variant of Indri Single Malt Indian Whisky is matured with care since 2012 and offers a unique flavour profile with notes of black tea, caramelized pineapple, oak, vanilla, honey, raisin, and sweet cherry. It is described as gentle, mellow, smooth, warm, and velvety on the tongue, with an amber, golden color.
  2. Indri Diwali Collector’s Edition 2023: This special edition of Indri whisky was awarded the “Double Gold Best In Show” and is a peated Indian single malt whisky. It is crafted with six-row barley and distilled in traditional Indian copper pot stills, offering notes of smoke, candied dried fruits, toasted nuts, subtle spices, oak, and bittersweet chocolate. This variant is available in the United States, some European countries, 19 states in India, and 17 other countries.
  3. Indri – Dru: This type of Indri Single Malt Indian Whisky has won several awards, including a Gold at the Tokyo Global World Whisky Masters 2022. It is described as a balanced whisky with a bounty of sweet spice, dried fruit, and dark chocolate flavors, offering a smooth, lingering finish. The nose profile includes mixed fruit basket, vanilla, citrus hints, spice, chocolate, and honey tones, while the palate features sweet fruity tastes with soft spice, vanilla, chocolate, and citrus notes. The finish is complex with a mixed fruit finish that is long and satisfying.

Indri Whisky Price

Here are the prices of Indri Single Malt Whisky in different states and cities of India:

indri diwali collector's edition 2023
State/CityVolumePrice (INR)
Tamil Nadu750ml2,600-3,200
Himachal Pradesh750ml4,100
Indri Whisky

These prices can vary slightly depending on the retailer and any local taxes or duties. Always check with local retailers for the most accurate and current prices.

What to mix with Indri for Better Cocktails?

Here are some suggestions for mixing Indri Single Malt Indian Whisky to enhance the flavor:

  1. Ginger Ale: The spicy and citrusy notes of ginger ale pair well with the caramelized pineapple, vanilla, and honey flavours in Indri. The carbonation also helps to open up the whisky’s aromas.
  2. Lemon Juice and Honey: A simple mix of fresh lemon juice, honey, and Indri over ice can create a refreshing and balanced cocktail. The honey complements the whisky’s sweetness while the lemon adds a bright, citrusy note.
  3. Spiced Chai: Brewing a strong cup of chai with spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves and then adding Indri creates a warming, aromatic drink. The spices enhance the whisky’s nutty and spicy flavors.
  4. Cranberry Juice: The tart and slightly sweet cranberry juice balances the richness of Indri. It also brings out the fruity notes in the whisky, creating a well-rounded cocktail.
  5. Ginger Beer: Similar to ginger ale, ginger beer’s spicy and effervescent qualities complement Indri’s flavors. The ginger beer also adds a touch of sweetness to the mix.

Remember to adjust the ratios of mixer to whisky based on your personal taste preferences. Start with equal parts and adjust accordingly. Enjoy your Indri cocktail responsibly!

Indri Whisky Awards

Indri Single Malt Indian Whisky has been recognized as one of the best whiskies globally. It has won numerous awards and accolades, including:

  1. Best World Whisky – Gold at The Whisky Explorer Awards 2024.
  2. Best ‘New World’ Whiskey at Vinepair 2024.
  3. Gold Winner at Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition 2023.
  4. Gold at International Spirits Challenge 2022.
  5. Gold at Global World Whisky Masters 2022.
  6. Gold at Las Vegas Global Awards 2023.
  7. Excellent – 93 pts at Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2023.

Indri has also been recognized as the Best Single Malt Indian Whisky and has been awarded Double Gold Best In Show at the Whiskies of the World Awards 2023.

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