Indri Whisky price in Kolkata, Delhi, Goa 2024

Indri Whisky price: Hello friends, welcome back to, today in this article we are going to share Indri Whisky price in India with you. From some last months, Indri whisky has been gaining popularity in India. Indri whisky is widely available in the Indian liquor market.

Indri’s Diwali collectors’s whisky now become one of the best whisky in the world. This is Indri Single malt whisky which is available only in 750ml Variants and became gold winner in the Tokyo Whisky & Sprits Competition 2023.

The alcohol percentage of Indri whisky is 46% ABV and the share name of indri whisky is Piccadily Agro Industries. This is Indian-origin whisky made in Haryana.

Indri whisky Notes:

  • Ex-Wine: Lends A Honey Peppery Note
  • PX Sherry Cask: Imparts A Dark Amber Colour With Sweet And Black Currant Notes
  • Ex-Bourbon: Adds A Vanilla And Coconut Note

Indri Whisky price in India

Brand Name Volume Approx Price
Indri Whisky price in Kolkata750mlRs.3500
Indri Whisky price in Delhi 750mlRs.4000
Indri Whisky price in Mumbai 750mlRs.4500
Indri Whisky price in Goa 750mlRs.3200
Indri Whisky price in Rajasthan 750mlRs.4700
Indri Whisky price in Pune750mlRs.4500
Indri Whisky price in Kerala 750mlRs.4900

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Conclusion: Indri whisky price

In this blog, we provide you with the approximate price of Indri whisky for different Indian cities. The price of Indir whisky depends on a lot of factors like the location of the store, state taxes and transportation charges. For more exact prices it is recommended that you should visit your nearby liquor shop.

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