Jack Daniels Price in USA – All Variants [Updated 2024]

Jack Daniel’s is a premium Tennessee that is still made using iron-free cave spring water, and is charcoal-mellowed and matured at America’s oldest registered distillery, established in 1866 in Lynchburg, Tennessee. 

The founder of Jack Daniel’s was Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel, who was born in 1850. Jack’s lineage was Scotch-Irish and Scottish which stems from Northern Ireland and Scotland since his grandfather Joseph “Job” Daniel and his grandmother were immigrants from there. Jack Daniel’s offers a variety of whiskey types in the USA, including:

Jack Daniels Variants

  • Old No. 7: This is the original Jack Daniel’s, known for its charcoal mellowing process and rich flavor.
  • Gentleman Jack: A double-mellowed that offers exceptional smoothness and a balanced flavor with notes of caramel and vanilla.
  • Single Barrel: Hand-selected and matured in the highest reaches of the barrel house, the Single Barrel has a robust character and notes of caramel and spice.
  • Tennessee Honey: A blend of Jack Daniel and honey, offering a sweet and smooth flavor.
  • Tennessee Fire: Tennessee Fire is infused with cinnamon for a spicy and smooth taste.
  • Tennessee Apple: A blend of Jack Daniel and real crisp apples, providing a refreshing and fruity flavor.
  • Bonded: This is made in accordance with the Bottled-In-Bond Act, ensuring a high-quality and consistent product.
  • Tennessee Travelers: Two varieties of Jack Daniel’s fall under this label, offering a sweet and oaky flavor and a bold and spicy flavor. However, these are not available in the US.

In addition to these main types, Jack Daniel’s also offers special editions, can cocktails, and country cocktails.

Jack Daniels Price in USA

Jack Daniels VarietiesVolumePrice Range (USD)
Jack Daniels Old No. 7 750ml$17.99 – $24.99
Jack Daniels Old No. 71.75L$39.99 – $43.99
Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple750ml$18.99 – $24.99
Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey750ml$18.99 – $21.99
Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire750ml$18.99 – $21.99
Jack Daniels Tennessee Straight Rye750ml$22.99 – $33.99
Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select750ml$46.99 – $49.99
Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack750ml$21.99 – $33.99
Jack Daniels Can Cocktails4-12oz$10.49 – $14.99
Jack Daniels Winter Jack (Seasonal)750ml$16.99 – $18.99
Jack Daniel’s Bonded Tennessee Whiskey 100 Proof700ML$49.99
Jack Daniels Sinatra Select1 liter$179
Jack Daniels Master Distiller Series750ml$199 – $399
Jack Daniels Gold Medal Series750ml$1,400 – $1,900
Jack Daniels Eric Church750ml$199 – $499
How Much is a bottle of Jack Daniels?


Where to Buy

Jack Daniel is widely available for purchase in the USA. Here are some options for where to buy Jack Daniel’s:

  1. Wooden Cork: This website offers an extensive collection of Jack Daniel’s alcohol and spirits that can be purchased online and delivered directly to your door.
  2. ReserveBar: Discover the Jack Daniel’s collection at ReserveBar, where you can order good alcohol online and get it shipped or delivered fast.
  3. Philippe Liquors: This liquor store in New York City offers Jack Daniel’s Tennessee for purchase in-store or online.
  4. Wine & Liquor Superstore: This store offers a variety of Jack Daniel’s different types for purchase in-store or online.
  5. New York Wine Exchange: This store offers Jack Daniel for purchase in-store or online.
  6. Jack Daniel’s website: You can also order Jack Daniel directly from their website and have it delivered to your door.

It is important to note that prices and availability may vary depending on the location and store. Additionally, some special editions may be limited and difficult to find.

What to mix with Jack Daniels?

Jack Daniel’s can be mixed with a variety of mixers to create delicious cocktails. Here are some of the best drinks to mix with JD

  1. Cola: The classic Jack and Coke cocktail is a harmonious blend of the boldness of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and the effervescence of cola, complemented by a refreshing squeeze of lemon.
  2. Ginger beer: Ginger beer has a powerful flavor that works well with Jack Daniel’s. It adds a hint of sweetness, along with a lot of “zing” from the ginger.
  3. Lemonade: Lemonade is a refreshing mixer that works well with Jack Daniel’s. You can make a Lynchburg Lemonade by mixing Jack Daniel’s with triple sec, fresh lemon juice, and lemonade.
  4. Root beer: Root beer can add a unique flavor to Jack Daniel’s, creating a sweet and spicy taste.
  5. Ginger Ale: Ginger ale adds a hint of sweetness and a lot of “zing” from the ginger, making it a great mixer for Jack Daniel’s.
  6. Apple juice/cider: Apple juice or cider can add a delicious combination of tartness, acidity, and sweetness to your drink. You can make an Apple Jack by mixing Jack Daniel’s with apple juice and garnishing with apple slices.
  7. Tonic water: Tonic water can be mixed with Jack Daniel’s to create a refreshing and slightly bitter drink.
  8. Cranberry juice: Cranberry juice can be mixed with Jack Daniel’s to create a tart and fruity drink.
  9. Lemon-lime soda: Lemon-lime soda is quite refreshing and works well with Jack Daniel’s. You can simply mix 3 parts of lemon-lime soda with 1 part of Jack Daniel’s in a highball glass with ice.
  10. Iced tea: Iced tea can be mixed with Jack Daniel’s to create a refreshing and slightly sweet drink.

In addition to these mixers, there are many cocktail recipes that incorporate Jack Daniel’s, such as Lynchburg Lemonade, Apple Jack, and Jack and Coke. It is important to note that the amount of Jack Daniel’s used in each drink will depend on personal preference and the size of the glass.

Why Jack Daniels 12 year is most selling?

Jack Daniel’s 12 Year Old Tennessee is a highly sought-after and best-selling product due to several factors:

jack daniels 12 year

  • Limited availability: The 2023 release of Jack Daniel’s 12 Year Old Tennessee was a remarkably limited edition, with only 18,000 bottles produced. This scarcity contributes to its desirability among whiskey enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Aged to perfection: The 12-year aging process is a significant factor in the appeal. Aging whiskey it allows to develop complex flavors and a smooth, mellow character. The 12-year expression is the first age-stated product from Jack Daniel’s in a century, making it a unique and exciting addition to their lineup.
  • Positive reviews and high quality: The 12-year expression has received rave reviews, with critics and consumers praising its rich, layered flavors and exceptional quality. This positive reception has further increased its demand and contributed to its status as a best-selling product.
  • Unique flavor profile: Jack Daniel’s 12 Year Old Tennessee is bottled at 107 proof and has a sweet and creamy profile with notes of pipe tobacco, seasoned oak, and butterscotch. This distinct flavor profile sets it apart from other products in the market and adds to its appeal.
  • Brand reputation: Jack Daniel’s is the highest-selling American brand globally. The brand’s long-standing reputation for producing high-quality and iconic whiskeys, such as their flagship Old No. 7, contributes to the success of their limited-edition releases like the 12-year expression.

Is Jack Daniels Gluten Free?

Jack Daniels is made primarily from corn and maize, which are gluten-free grains. During the distillation process, all of the gluten is removed from the whiskey, making it safe for most people with gluten sensitivities to consume. However, some people may still experience a reaction to Jack Daniel’s whiskey due to the presence of other grains in the mash used to make the whiskey.

Additionally, some flavored varieties of Jack Daniel’s may contain gluten, and there is little information available on gluten testing for these products. Therefore, if you have celiac disease or a severe gluten allergy, it is best to consult with a healthcare professional before consuming Jack Daniel’s or any other alcoholic beverage.

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