Kingfisher Beer price in Delhi [updated 2024]

Kingfisher beer price in Delhi: In this post, We have Shared the Updated Kingfisher Beer Prices in Mumbai. Kingfisher Beer was founded by Vijay Mallya in 1978 and produced by United Breweries Group. Now sold globally in 50+ countries, Kingfisher beer is available in different variants like Kingfisher Premium, Kingfisher Strong, Kingfisher Draught, Kingfisher Ultra,Kingfisher Blue.

How Kingfisher beer is made ?

Kingfisher Beer is made up of water, malt, hops, wheat, maize, rice and sugar cane as its ingredients. Producing it involves several steps that include Mashing, Lautering, Fermentation Maturation and Packaging before finally reaching completion.

Kingfisher Beer Production Begins With Mashing, Subsequently Followed By Lautering And Additional Steps. Malted grains are mixed with hot water during mashing to produce a mixture that needs to be separated out later using Lautering; which separates out liquid from spent grain.

The Third Step involves Boiling with Hops for flavor and aroma transfer before cooling, adding yeast for fermentation, then purifying to enhance flavor development before packaging for market sale. All of the ingredients used to craft Kingfisher Beer have been carefully chosen so as to give this drink its rich flavours and aromas.

Kingfisher beer alcohol percentage

  • Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer – alcohol percentage of 4.82%.
  • Kingfisher Ultra Lager beer – alcohol percentage of 4.9%.
  • Kingfisher Strong Beer- alcohol percentage of 7.2%.
  • Kingfisher premium – 4.8%ABV.
  • Kingfisher strong – 8.0%ABV.
  • Kingfisher ultra – 4.2% ABV.
  • Kingfisher blue is – 8.6% ABV.

Kingfisher Beer Variants

  • Kingfisher Buzz
  • Kingfisher Storm Beer
  • Kingfisher Ultra
  • Kingfisher Ultra Max
  • Kingfisher Strong
  • Kingfisher Premium

Kingfisher beer bottle sizes

  • 330ml (24 x 330ml cases)
  • (24 x 330ml cases)
  • Pint or half-pint Kegs (650 ml)
  • (12 × 650 ml case)

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Kingfisher beer price in Delhi

Kingfisher Beer price in DelhiVolumePrice
Kingfisher Fine Lager Beer330ml₹70
Kingfisher Fine Lager Beer550ml₹105
Kingfisher Fine Strong Beer330ml₹70
Kingfisher Fine Strong Beer550ml₹105
Kingfisher Strong Platinum Beer330ml₹70
Kingfisher Strong Platinum Beer550ml₹85
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lager Beer330ml₹90
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lager Beer550ml₹130
Kingfisher Beer price in Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the alcohol percentage of Kingfisher beer?

The alcohol percentage of Kingfisher beer is 8% ABV.

What is the price of Kingfisher 330mL?

The price of Kingfisher 330ml in Delhi is Between 70 to ₹130 based on the different variants.

What is the Kingfisher beer 550ml price in Delhi?

The Kingfisher 550ml Bottle price in Delhi is ₹130

What is the price of Kingfisher beer 650ml in Delhi?

The kingfisher ultra beer price in Delhi is ₹130 for 550ml and ₹90 for 330ml.

What is the Kingfisher beer price in Delhi?

The Kingfisher Beer price in Delhi is ₹105 for 550ml, ₹70 for 330ml Bottles.

In conclusion

Kingfisher Beer is one of the most cost-effective beers available in Mumbai. If you want to drink beer you can consider Kingfisher beer.

Due to state taxes, availability and location factors, Kingfisher beer prices vary between States. Therefore, we advise visiting an alcohol shop nearby in order to find out the latest Kingfisher Beer price in Mumbai.

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