Kingfisher beer price in Kolkata [updated 2024]

Kingfisher beer price in Kolkata: In this article, we will discuss the Kingfisher Strong Beer price, Kingfisher Lager Beer price, kingfisher can price, and Ultra Premium beer price in Kolkata. The prices of Kingfisher can depend on a lot of factors including bottle size and taxes or charges levied by the Indian government.

Kingfisher Beer is one of the top-selling beers in India and was manufactured by Mr Vijay Mallya in 1978. Brewed by United Breweries Group and sold worldwide in over 50 countries.

Kingfisher Beer is one of the best-selling beer brands available on Indian markets, owned by Mr.Vijay Malya who has become famous for his controversial behaviour.

Kingfisher beer alcohol percentage

  • Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer – alcohol percentage of 4.82%.
  • Kingfisher Ultra Lager beer – alcohol percentage of 4.9%.
  • Kingfisher Strong Beer- alcohol percentage of 7.2%.
  • Kingfisher premium – 4.8%ABV.
  • Kingfisher strong – 8.0%ABV.
  • Kingfisher ultra – 4.2% ABV.
  • Kingfisher blue is – 8.6% ABV.

Kingfisher Beer Variants

  • Kingfisher Buzz
  • Kingfisher Storm Beer
  • Kingfisher Ultra
  • Kingfisher Ultra Max
  • Kingfisher Strong
  • Kingfisher Premium

Kingfisher beer bottle sizes

  • 330ml (24 x 330ml cases)
  • (24 x 330ml cases)
  • Pint or half-pint Kegs (650 ml)
  • (12 × 650 ml case)

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Kingfisher beer price in Kolkata

Kingfisher beer price in Kolkata VOUMEPRICE
Kingfisher premium beer CAN price500 ml₹100
Kingfisher premium beer CAN price330 ml₹70
Kingfisher premium beer650 ml₹130
Kingfisher premium beer330 ml₹75
Strong kingfisher storm CAN price500 ml₹140
Strong kingfisher storm650 ml₹150
Kingfisher Strong beer CAN price330 ml₹80
Kingfisher Strong beer CAN price500 ml₹130
Kingfisher Strong beer330 ml₹70
Kingfisher Strong beer650 ml₹130
Kingfisher ultra beer CAN500 ml₹120
Kingfisher ultra beer650 ml₹180
Kingfisher ultra beer330 ml₹100
Kingfisher Ultra MAX650 ml₹220
Kingfisher Ultra MAX500 ml₹160
Kingfisher Ultra MAX330 ml₹120
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier330 ml₹120
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier500 ml₹180
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier650 ml₹140
kingfisher price500ml₹150
Kingfisher beer price in Kolkata

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the alcohol percentage of Kingfisher beer?

The alcohol percentage of Kingfisher beer is 8% ABV.

What is the price of Kingfisher 330mL?

Kingfisher beer price in Kolkata for 330ml is Between 70 to ₹130 based on the different variants.

What is the Kingfisher beer 500ml price in Kolkata?

The Kingfisher 500ml Bottle price in Kolkata is ₹150

In conclusion

Kingfisher beer contains an alcohol percentage ranging from 4.78% to 8% on average; several top-selling varieties have higher alcohol percentages.

Kingfisher beer prices fluctuate widely across India. On average, its cost ranges from Rs.145 to 650ml depending on local taxes, production costs, local competition, retailer margins and transport expenditure. Due to India’s price control system, Kingfisher prices typically remain within a specified range.

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