kuch nahi scotch whisky price in India | kuchh nai whisky

kuch nahi scotch whisky price in India:  If You are a whisky enthusiast, You Must Have heard about the Brand kuchh Nai whisky. It is one of the Most Popular whisky Brands that Is Enjoyed by People all Around the for many years. In this Blog Post, We will Discuss the latest Kuch nahi whisky price in India and also Compare It Pricing with other Popular Brands in the Market.

Kuchh Nai whisky is one of the renowned whisky brands in the world that was manufactured at Glasgow in England by Kuchh Nai Marketing Pvt Ltd. Currently, in India this brand is marketed by Natures Bounty Wines & Allied Products.

Kuch Nahi whisky is available only in a few states of India like Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Mumbai. 

Kuchh Nai whisky price in India

The price of Kuch nahi scotch whisky in India is Rs.1000 for a 750ML bottle. It may vary from place to place due to a lot of factors like State taxes, Location of the store etc. For more exact prices it is recommended that you should visit your nearest liquor shop.

Brand NameVolume Price
Kuchh Nai whisky750ML₹1000

About kuchh Nai whisky | kuch nahi scotch whisky price in India

Kuchh Nai (kuchh nai means ‘nothing’ in Hindi) blend is available across multiple countries like – UK, Australia, Canada and India.

The alcohol percentage of Kuchh nai whisky is 40% created from Highland malts with a touch of Islay malt for added peat smoke flavour.

Kuchh Nai was previously available as an overproof product bottled at 51% abv by its original owner.

Kuchh Nai was first launched by Five Rivers International Ltd of London in 1996 and received US trademark status shortly thereafter, though this expired two years later.

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