Latest Macallan whisky price in India 2024

Macallan whisky price: Hello friends, welcome back today in this blog we will discuss the Macallan whisky price in India, its variants and all other information related to Macallan whisky like its alcohol percentage.

The alcohol percentage of Macallan whisky whisky ranges from 40 to 43% as per different variants. Macallan is one of the costliest whiskies among other whiskies available in India. You can check all the official information on Macallan website which is provided below in this article.

Macallan Whisky variants

Macallan whisky is available in Five different variants which are available at any liquor shop. Macallan whisky each variant has its unique taste and flavour. Macallan whisky is also available in different ages 12, 15 and 18.

  • Sherry Oak
  • Double Cask
  • Triple Cask Matured
  • The Quest Collection
  • Rare Cask

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Macallan whisky price in India

There is a lot of differences in Macallan whisky price for each type of variant and age group.

Macallan whisky priceVolumePrice
The Macallan Whisky 18 years750MLRs.21000
The Macallan Whisky 15 years750MLRs.10000
The Macallan Whisky 12 years750MLRs.5000
The Macallan Whisky Double Cask750MLRs.3000
The Macallan Quest Whisky750MLRs.6000

What is the price of Macallan whisky?

The price of Macallan double cask whisky is Rs.3000 for a 750ml bottle. The price may vary from place to place due to some factors like state taxes, transportation charges and the location of the liquor store.

Is Macallan 12 expensive?

Yes, because of its ageing process. The price of Macallan 12 years whisky is Rs.5000 for a 750ml bottle which is costlier than any other whisky available in the market.

What is the price of Macallan 18 in India?

The price of Macallan whisky 18 years is Rs.21000 for a 750ml bottle. The price is too high for a normal person to afford this whisky.

About Macallan whisky

Country of originScotland
ManufacturerEdrington (spirits company)
TypeSingle malt
Water SourceSpay River

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In conclusion

The price of a Macallan 750ml whisky bottle in India depends upon a number of factors, such as state taxes, bottle size, and the location of the liquor shop.

Macallan Whisky is The first company that uses no artificial flavours in its products which are made with a blend of imported Scotch malts and Indian grains. Its unique woody, fruity, and smoky flavour is loved by many Indian whisky enthusiasts.

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