Mansion house whisky price [updated 2024]

Mansion house whisky price: Hello friends, today in this blog we will discuss the Mansion house whisky price, Mansion house brandy price, Mansion house whisky 750ml price and all other information related to Mansion house whisky that is useful for you like its variants and alcohol percentage.

Mansion House whisky is one of the oldest and most beloved whiskies in India. Indians have always held an affinity for whisky; their fondness for mansion house brandy dates back decades. While its price varies depending on market factors, this article will provide all the information on it as researched by our team.

Mansion House whisky contains 40% alcohol percentage. made of malted and unmalted grains (43% barely, 36% maize, and 21% wheat). Mansion House whisky is manufactured by Tilknagar Pvt ltd.

Mansion house whisky variants

Mansion House whisky is available in Seven different variants each variant is known for its unique taste and flavour.

  • Mansion House 12 Year Old Single Malt
  • Mansion House 15 Year Old Single Malt
  • Mansion House Single Grain
  • Mansion House Classic
  • Mansion House 100 Pipers Deluxe
  • Mansion House 100 Pipers Select
  • Mansion House Rare
  • Mansion House Signature

Mansion house whisky price

This is the average price of Mansion House brandy in India taken from different states because this whisky is not widely available at any store.

Mansion house brandy priceVolumeAvg. price
Mansion house whisky price180ml₹340
Mansion house whisky price375ml₹750
Mansion house whisky price750ml₹1500
Mansion house whisky price1000ml₹1890

About Mansion House Brandy

Name of Brand Mansion House French Brandy
Category Indian Brandy
Origin Country India
Manufacture Tilaknagar Industries LTD
Alcohol Percentage 42.86%

In conclusion

In this blog, we try to tell you some basic information regarding mansion house whisky. The price of Mansion House brandy may vary from place to place due to some factors like state taxes, transportation charges and the location of the store.

If you have any information regarding mansion house brandy you can tell us via the comment section.

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