Old monk price in Kolkata 180ml, 375ml, 500ml, 750ml

Old Monk price in Kolkata: Old Monk is one the most well-known Rums in India. Introduced in the year 1954 Mohan Meakin in Ghaziabad manufactures Old Monk rum. In this post, we will talk about the Latest Old Monk price in Kolkata and its different variants available in the market.

Old Monk’s pricing strategy played a major contribution to its Success in the Indian Market. Although Old Monk does not use any kind of advertisement to promote their products it has been one of the most popular Indian Made Foreign Liquor brands for several years.

The price of Old Monk in Kolkata depends on various factors like taxes, the location of the store and the size of the bottle. you can get a 750ml bottle of Old Monk rum for around Rs.640 and a 750ml bottle of Old Monk Gold Reserve for about Rs.830 in Kolkata.

Old Monk Price in Kolkata

Brand NamrVolumePrice
Old Monk price in Kolkata180ml₹153
Old Monk price in Kolkata375ml₹320
Old Monk price in Kolkata500ml₹425
Old Monk Rum price in Kolkata750ml₹640
Old Monk Gold Reserve375ml₹415
Old Monk Gold Reserve750ml₹830

Old Monk price in UP

Old Monk Price In UP90mlRs. 70/-
Old Monk Price In UP180mlRs. 140/-
Old Monk Price In UP375mlRs. 260/-
Old Monk Price In UP750mlRs. 520/-

Old Monk Rum price in Delhi

Old Monk Price In Delhi90mlRs. 80/-
Old Monk Price In Delhi180mlRs. 160/-
Old Monk Price In Delhi375mlRs. 300/-
Old Monk Price In Delhi750mlRs. 650/-

Old Monk Varientes Available

The Old Monk Rum is available in Five Different Varients in Kolkata which are mentioned below.

  • Old Monk Supreme Rum.
  • Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum
  • Old Monk extra special XXX rare Rum
  • Old Monk Deluxe XXX Rum
  • Old Monk White Rum

About Old Monk Rum

Old Monk was founded by a Scottish businessman in 1855, producing inexpensive beers for British customers. Over time, its ownership changed, now it is managed by Mohan Meakin Pvt Ltd.

Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Country of originIndia
ManufacturerMohan Meakin
Establishment Year1855


Old Monk 750ml Price in Kolkata

In Kolkata, The price of Old Monk 750ml rum typically ranges from Rs.640 to Rs.670 depending on the location. But it is important to keep in mind that Rum prices may fluctuate based on factors like availability demand, supply, and tax. For the exact price, check with your local liquor store.

Old Monk 375ml price in Kolkata

The most recent price for Old Monk 375ml in Kolkata is RS.320

Old Monk 180ml price in Kolkata

The most recent price of Old Monk 180ml in Kolkata is RS.153.

What is the alcohol percentage of old monk rum?

The alcohol percentage of old monk rum is 42.8%

In conclusion

In this post, we provide you with the latest old monk prices in Kolkata for different variants. Old Monk is the most renowned rum in India and is widely available at any liquor shop. If you have any queries regarding this you can contact us.


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