Rockford whisky price in UP [updated 2024]

Rockford whisky price in UP: Rockford is a Popular Indian Whisky Brand Produced by Umesh Modi Group and an Italian company IIva Saranno.Rockford Classic is a Fine Blended Whisky, with a deep golden color as well as an incredibly silky and delicious scent.

The finest oak aged Scottish Malt Whiskies blend with exceptional Charcoal Indigo-filtered spirits, under the direction by the Scottish Master Blender to create this exceptional whisky.

The flavor is The House of Rockford style soft and smooth, but with an incredible richness and sophistication, appealing to whisky lovers who are discerning.

Rockford Whisky Price in UP 2024

Brandvolume Price
Rockford Whisky price750ml₹850
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky 750ml₹920
Rockford Classic Whisky Super Premium Whisky 750ml₹780
Rockford Whisky375ml₹470
Rockford Reserve Whisky 375ml₹490
Rockford Classic Whisky 375ml₹450
Rockford Whisky180ml₹230
Rockford Reserve Whisky180ml₹260
Rockford Classic Whisky180ml₹240
Rockford Whisky90ml₹120
Rockford Reserve Whisky90ml₹130
Rockford Classic Whisky90ml₹120

About Rockford whisky

Alcohol Percentage42.8 %
Country of originIndia
Establishment Year1959

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rockford reserve whisky price?

The price of Rockford Reserve whiskey in UP is ₹920 For 750ml

What is the Rockford whisky alcohol percentage?


Rockford classic whisky price 750ml?

The price of 750ml Rockford Whisky is ₹780 in India

In Conclusion

Rockford whisky price in UP will vary according to various factors like local taxes as well as Store Location and the size of the bottle. If you are living in UP and are planning to purchase this top whiskey, then we suggest you go to your nearest liquor store to determine the most current After Dark whisky prices in UP.

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