Rockford whisky price 180ml, 375ml, 750ml (Updated 2024)

Rockford whisky price: In this article, we will present information regarding Rockford whisky price in India. Rockford blended Scotch whisky has become known for its smooth taste, distinct flavour, and timeless style. Here we will present information regarding each volume size of Rockford whisky price 90ml, 180ml, 375ml and 750ml.

In this article, we have shared an updated Rockford Whisky Price in Delhi, up and Punjab and discussed Rockford whisky variants available in Indian Market. By providing accurate Rockford whisky Price to you we hope it will help you while purchasing Rockford whisky.

The price of Rockford whisky may vary from state to state due to state and local taxes and also depends on the location fo the store. For more accurate prices it is recommended that you should visit you nearest liquor shop.

Rockford Whisky Price in India

Rockford Whisky Price in IndiaVolumeRockford whisky price
Rockford whisky price in Delhi750ml₹750
Rockford whisky price in Up750ml₹850
Rockford whisky price in Haryana750ml₹750
Rockford whisky price in Mumbai750ml₹850
Rockford whisky price in Assam750ml₹790
Rockford whisky price in Uttarakhand750ml₹790
Rockford classic price in Haryana750ml₹900
Rockford classic price in Pune750ml₹750
Rockford whisky price in Odisha750ml₹800
Rockford whisky price in Punjab750ml₹760
Rockford whisky price in Kolkata750ml₹790
Rockford whisky price in Chandigarh750ml₹810
Rockford whisky price in Hyderabad750ml₹830
Rockford whisky price in Telangana750ml₹820
Rockford whisky price in Tamilnadu750ml₹820
Rockford whisky price in Gurgaon750ml₹750
Rockford whisky price in Bangalore750ml₹810
Rockford whisky price in Ap750ml₹830
Rockford whisky price in Rajasthan750ml₹790

Rockford Whisky Price in Delhi

Rockford whisky price:VolumePrice
Rockford Whisky price in Delhi1000ml₹950
Rockford Whisky price in Delhi750ml₹750
Rockford Whisky price in Delhi375ml₹370
Rockford Whisky price in Delhi180ml₹190
Rockford Whisky price in Delhi90ml₹100

Rockford Classic Whisky Price in Delhi

Rockford whisky priceVolumePrice
Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky1000ml₹1020
Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky750ml₹810
Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky375ml₹410
Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky180ml₹200
Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky90ml₹110

Rockford Reserve Whisky Price in Delhi

Rockford whisky priceVolumePrice
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky1litre₹1200
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky750ml₹900
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky375ml₹480
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky180ml₹250
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky90ml₹130

Rockford Whisky Price in UP

Rockford Whisky750ml₹850
Rockford Reserve Super Premium Whisky price in Up750ml₹920
Rockford Classic Whisky Super Premium Whisky price in Up750ml₹780
Rockford Whisky price375ml₹470
Rockford Reserve Whisky Price in Up375ml₹490
Rockford Classic Whisky Price in Up375ml₹450
Rockford Whisky180ml₹230
Rockford Reserve Whisky180ml₹260
Rockford Classic Whisky180ml₹240
Rockford Whisky90ml₹120
Rockford Reserve Whisky price90ml₹130
Rockford Classic Whisky price90ml₹120

About Rockford whisky

Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Country of originIndia
Establishment Year1959

FAQ- Rockford whisky price

What is the Rockford whisky price in Delhi 750ml?

The price of a 750ml Rockford whisky in Delhi is Rs.750

What is the price of Rockford 750ml in UP?

The price of a 750ml Rockford whisky in UP is Rs.850

What is the Rockford whiskey 1959 price?

The price of a 750ml Rockford 1959 whisky in is Rs.900

How much alcohol is in Rockford whisky?

The alcohol percentage of Rockford whisky is 42.8 ABV which is the standard alcohol percentage for most of the whiskies. 

Is Rockford a Scotch or whiskey?

Rockford Classic is an extraordinary Fine Blended Whisky with a complex golden color and tantalizing aroma, created using only premium oak aged Scottish malt whiskies combined with exquisite Charcoal Filtered Indian grain spirits crafted by our Scottish Master Blender to produce this truly exceptional whisky.

What is the price of Rockford Reserve vs Classic?

The price 750ml Rockford Reserve Whisky Bottle is ₹1180, and the price of 750ml Rockford Classic Super Premium Whisky is ₹890.


We hope that this article has provided you with additional information about the Rockford whisky price in Delhi, up and all other states. It is important to keep in mind that alcohol prices can be affected by several variables including state taxes, customer demand and production expenses.

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