Signature whisky price [updated 2024]

signature whisky price: In 1992, United Spirits Limited, a division of Diageo introduced Signature whisky for the first time in India. The brand was quickly recognized in India and soon became one of the leading whisky brands that are widely sold in India.

The introduction of Signature whisky in the UK and a few other nations around the world took place in 2003. Presently, Signature whisky is available in more than 40 nations.

Over time, Signature whisky is identified as being of high excellent quality and has gained huge popularity with whisky lovers in India. In this article, we have discussed the most recent Signature whisky price and Compared it to other brands in Indian Market.

Signature whisky price in India

1 LitreRs.1710
2000 MLRs.3270
90 MLRs.175
180 MLRs.335
375 MLRs.375
750 MLRs.1250

750ml signature whisky price

State VolumePrice
Signature Whisky Price in Up750ml₹880

Signature Whisky Price in Mumbai

Signature Whisky 90ml₹160
Signature Whisky 180ml₹335
Signature Whisky 375ml₹670
Signature Whisky 750ml₹1340
Signature Whisky 1000ml₹1630
Signature Whisky 2000ml₹3120

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Signature a good whisky?

Yes, Signature is good whisky, Loved by many whisky lovers.

What is the Signature whisky price in Delhi?

The price of Signature whiskey in India is ₹1250 For 750ml

What is the Signature whisky alcohol percentage?


750ml Signature whisky price?

The price of 750ml Signature Whisky is ₹1250.

What is the Signature whisky price in Mumbai?

The price of Signature whisky in Mumbai is ₹1350 For 750ml

What is the Signature whisky price in Kolkata?

The price of Signature whisky in Kolkata is ₹1050 For 750ml

What is the Signature whisky price in UP?

The price of Signature whiskey in UPis ₹880 For 750ml

What are some of the different variants of signature whisky?

signature offers various range of whiskies which includes Signature Rare Aged Whisky, Signature Premier Grain Whisky, Signature Deluxe Whisky

Signature whisky Bottle Sizes

The Signature whisky is Available in six Different Varients and bottle Sizes to serve to requirements of customers. Below Mentioned are The Sizes of Signature whisky.

  • 90ml
  • 180ml
  • 375ml
  • 750ml
  • 1000ml
  • 2000ml

About signature Whisky

Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Country of originScotland
Establishment Year1994

In conclusion

Signature Whisky is India’s most popular whisky brand that offers great quality and flavour. It is a blend of Indian malts as well as grain spirits and the Fusion of Scotch, The Signature whisky is loved all over the globe by whisky lovers. We hope that you enjoy this article and find it useful regarding the latest Signature whisky price in India.

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