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Social Issues Project Class 10: Social issues are matters that garner wide public concern, economic challenges and government dysfunction, cultural conflict or environmental degradation, poverty inequality prejudice and accessing quality education/healthcare are some examples of larger societal challenges that necessitate cooperation from citizens, organisations and governments in order to effectively resolve. Awareness and action against such problems form the cornerstones of creating equitable societies.

In this article we provided you with all the information regarding social issues, how to write the best social issue project, What are the major social issues, the Social issue project pdf for class 10 and different types of social issues.

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What are social issues in 100 words?

Social issues are issues or conditions that impact individuals or society as a whole, often starting from inequalities in terms of economic inequity, discrimination and injustice. They can have detrimental impacts on various areas such as health care, education, employment and the environment.

Steps for writing the best social issue project

Here below six steps are mentioned by following them you can write the best project on Social issues for class 10.

  6. Call to Action

Social Issues Project Class 10 pdf download

Social Issues Project Class 10
Social Issues Project Class 10

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Top 10 social issues for Project Class 10

Social Issues Project Class 10: Below we mentioned the best 10 Social issues project for class 10. You can prepare your project on any of these topics. In the pdf file, all these topics are covered with brief explanations.

  1. Poverty: India, despite significant economic development, remains home to many living in poverty due to lack of access to education, healthcare services and clean water sources.
  2. Child labour: Though illegal, child labour remains pervasive across India’s rural areas and often forces children into working under hazardous conditions without access to education or healthcare services.
  3. Unemployment
  4. Corruption
  5. Drug addiction
  6. Overpopulation
  7. Pollution
  8. Offence against the women
  9. caste-based Discrimination: Indian society is deeply embedded with a caste system, and discrimination based on caste still occurs despite laws against such actions. Dalits (also known as untouchables) and other lower castes can face discrimination in regard to education, employment and housing opportunities.
  10. Education System

Types of Social Issues

Social Issues Project Class 10: Here we divided social issues into Five parts for better understanding. All these social problems are divided for their different characteristics.

  • Economic Issues: Poverty, income inequality, unemployment and lack of access to essentials like food, shelter and healthcare all represent economic challenges that affect individuals.
  • Political issues: Corruption, discrimination, human rights violations and lack of participation or representation in decision-making processes are among the many political concerns to which individuals must attend.
  • Cultural issues: Racism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance and lack of a shared language are examples of cultural challenges.
  • Environmental issues: Climate change, pollution, deforestation and the exhaustion of natural resources are among the many environmental problems that fall under the broad category of social concerns that stem from humanity’s interaction with nature and how this impacts its existence.
  • Health issues: Health issues affecting society range from access to healthcare, drug misuse, mental health stigma and contagious infections – all of which require solutions that benefit society as a whole.

In conclusion

Social issues are issues that influence personal lives. While city living can provide many opportunities, living there also comes with increased stress levels, higher living costs, negative social aspects from mass populations and an insufficient education base resulting from mass migration. Poverty, corruption, gender inequality unemployment terrorism pollution all form major social problems to which class 10 CBSE PDF covers.

We hope in this article you got all the necessary information regarding social issues. If you have any questions you can ask them in the comment section.

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