Latest Tamerlane whisky price in Mumbai 2024

Tamerlane whisky price: Hello friends, today in this blog we will discuss the Tamerlane whisky price in India and also all other information related to this Tamerlane whisky. In India, it is distributed by Radelan Distribution Pvt ltd. Tamerlane whisky is manufactured in Speyside, Scotland.

The price of Tamerlane whisky typically ranges from Rs.2200 to Rs.2400 for a 750ml bottle. The price of Tamerlane whisky may vary from place to place because this whisky is not widely available in India.

Tamerlane whisky Taste

  • Nose: Lifted and sweet with aromas of vanilla pod, honeycomb toffe and Danish pastries.
  • Palate: Ripe and tangy with notes of stone fruits, lemon peel and marzipan highlighted with sweet ginger and clove spices.
  • Finish: Warming and long with hints of vanilla sponge cake, cedar and rolling tobacco lingering on after swallowing

Tamerlane whisky price in India

Tamerlane whisky price in MumbaiVolumePrice
Tamerlane whisky price750ml₹2300
Tamerlane whisky price1000ml₹3100
Tamerlane whisky price500ml₹1550

In conclusion

Tamerlane is a blended scotch whisky. The alcohol percentage of Tamerlane whisky is 40%. The spirit is aged in American white oak bourbon casks and Spanish casks; precious sherry barrels offer sweet and delicate textures combined with full layers for an appealing balance that lingers.

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