Teachers whisky price in Delhi [updated 2024]

Teachers whisky price: Teachers whisky Price in India is discussed here in this article. Teachers Whisky is a well-recognized Scotch Whisky brand with a long and distinguished history and high standards, using premium components in its creation for its distinctive flavour profile – malted barley lays down an earthy base, while corn and rye add complexity and depth in Teachers Whisky’s character. Malt and grain whiskies are expertly blended together in Teachers Whisky’s making.

In this article, we have shared the latest prices of Teachers whisky price in India, Teachers whisky price in Delhi, Teachers whisky price in UP, Teachers whisky price in Kolkata.

Some characteristics that help this whisky achieve third largest selling whisky brand status include its fruity nose, subtle sweetness and pocket-friendliness; light amber color which attracts customers; smooth texture with smoke and honey notes that makes this whisky stand out; fine finishing: well fruited toffee notes balanced out by subtle smoke notes for an exquisite experience;

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Teachers whisky price in Kolkata

Teachers Whisky Price in India

Brand and CitiesVolumePrice
Teachers whisky price in Delhi750ml₹1550
Teachers whisky price in Up750ml₹1600
Teachers whisky price in Haryana750ml₹1750
Teachers whisky price in Kolkata750ml₹2450
Teachers whisky price in Hyderabad750ml₹2500
Teachers whisky price in Punjab750ml₹1600
Teachers whiksy price in Mumbai750ml₹2200
Teachers whisky price in Goa750ml₹1200
Teachers whisky price in Kerala750ml₹2500
Teachers whisky price in Jharkhand750ml₹2300
Teachers whisky price in Assam750ml₹2200
Teachers whisky price in Chandigarh750ml₹1800
Teachers whisky price in Andhra Pradesh750ml₹2300
Teachers whisky price in Telangana750ml₹2500
Teachers whisky price in Chennai750ml₹2200
Teachers whisky price in Odisha750ml₹23000
Teachers whisky price in Bangalore750ml₹2600
Teachers whisky price in Pune750ml₹2300
Teachers whisky price in Rajasthan750ml₹2500

Teachers Whisky Price in Delhi 2024

Teachers 50 Whisky price1000ml₹2400
Teachers 50 Whisky price750ml₹2030
Teachers 50 Whisky price375ml₹1015
Teachers 50 Whisky price180ml₹500
Teachers 50 Whisky price60ml₹170
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price1000ml₹2060
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price750ml₹1550
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price375ml₹770
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price180ml₹390
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price60ml₹125

Teachers Whisky Price in Up 2024

Teachers 50 Whisky price1000ml₹2600
Teachers 50 Whisky price750ml₹2100
Teachers 50 Whisky price375ml₹1080
Teachers 50 Whisky price180ml₹540
Teachers 50 Whisky price60ml₹170
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price1000ml₹2100
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price750ml₹1600
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price375ml₹800
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price180ml₹400
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price60ml₹150

Teachers Whisky Price in Kolkata

Teachers 50 Whisky price1000ml₹4000
Teachers 50 Whisky price750ml₹3520
Teachers 50 Whisky price375ml₹1700
Teachers 50 Whisky price180ml₹800
Teachers 50 Whisky price60ml₹260
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price1000ml₹3000
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price750ml₹2450
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price375ml₹1225
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price180ml₹594
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price60ml₹210

About Teachers whisky

BrandTeacher’s whisky
TypeBlended Scotch Whisky
ABV (Alcohol by Volume)around 40% to 43%
Official Websitehttps://www.teacherswhisky.com/

Teachers whisky variants

There are mainly 4 variants of teahers whisky available in the Indian Market. Each Variant is known for its unique taste and flavour.

  • Teachers Highland Cream
  • Teachers 50
  • Teachers Origin
  • Teachers 25


What is the Teachers whisky 750ml price?

Teachers Whisky price in Delhi for a 750ml bottle is ₹2030.

What is the alcohol percentage of Teachers whisky?

The alcohol percentage of teachers whisky is 40%

Now you should have an understanding of the Teachers Whisky price in India. Please keep in mind that prices of alcohol vary according to where it’s sold due to local taxes, so I highly suggest visiting your nearest alcohol shop to obtain more current pricing of alcoholic beverages.

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