The Five Best Non Alcoholic Whiskies To Buy In 2024

The non-alcoholic drinks market has grown at an incredible rate over the last few years, whether that be across beer, cocktails, spirits and whisky, and that market is only going to get bigger too.

Lifestyle choices are largely accelerating this trend, with more people looking to live more healthility and improve their overall wellbeing. Which has often led to spurning alcohol, but still wanting the flavours and tastes that the likes of whisky and beer bring.

Then of course there’s the rising addiction rates which is seeing more people stump up the alcohol rehab cost to get the help they need as opposed to the cost of their own life or serious health conditions. And while many people may still not be into the non-alcoholic whisky scene, there’s no doubt it’s at least a little bit intriguing.

Whether you want to sip it or mix it, there are some really good products out there at present, so if you have given up booze, are looking to give up, or simply want to cut down and alternate, here are five of the best non-alcoholic whiskies currently on the market…

Kentucky 74 by Spiritless

There really is something to love about this particular bottle. There are creamy notes of vanilla that blend perfectly with the toasted oak of the Spiritless. It’s not a mixer, this is a non-alcoholic whiskey that really performs like a top brand and deserves to be treated that way.

If you’re not a lover of neat whisky, then at least be gracious enough to have it with an Old Fashioned.

Zero Alcohol Whiskey by Monday

Monday are really mastering the art of non-alcoholic spirits, and have done so with their 0% gin. The same can be said of the whisky that has been distilled by the brand. While it’s not the best for having neat, it’s ideally suited to a cocktail, with strong flavours of caramel throughout.

Combined with a non-alcholic vermouth, and a cherry or two, you’ll have one of the best 0% Manhattan’s you can ever taste.

American Malt by Lyre’s

One of the most popular non-alcoholic whiskies on the market right now, it has a real bourbon flavour to it with notes of caramel, vanilla and oak. It’s well-balanced, smooth and amazing for drinking neat, with a soda or in a cocktail. It’s a superior bottle and the perfect replacement for those wanting a bourbon without the booze.

Barreled Oak by Gnista

This bottle isn’t technically a whisky, but it is non-alcholic and does taste like a bourbon. It carries the same characteristics and offers a dry and smokey flavour, with warm spices, oak and just a hint of chocolate.

You probably aren’t going to drink this neat, but the Swedish brand really has got it right when providing a non-alcoholic spirit to mix in bourbon cocktails.

No. 5 by Curious Elixirs

Again, we’re going slightly off-piste here as No. 5 isn’t a non-alcoholic whisky, but rather a non-alcholic whisky cocktail. Yes, it’s a ready made 0% old fashioned that’s ready for pouring.

It has rich cherry and chocolate notes, and is one of a number of different non-alcoholic cocktails offered by Curious Elixer.

Zero Proof Whiskey by Cut Above

Cut Above is relatively new to the market but is a great 0% drink to sip sober, as well as in cocktails.

It’s been described by The Washington Post as a whisky that “tastes like butter pecan ice cream grew up, had a few spectacular hedonistic years, then settled down and got sober”. And to be perfectly honest, that description is hard to disagree with. It’s a fantastic pick and really offers something a little bit different to the other 0% whiskies on the market.

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