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The Psychology of Money pdf: Hello friends, welcome to our blog, today in this article we are going to provide you Psychology of Money pdf, The Psychology of Money pdf, and The Psychology of Money book by Morgan Housel. You can very easily download this book pdf in your Google Drive by just clicking on the download button given below.

Also, we shared all other related information of the Psychology of Money book pdf. The Psychology of Money book is written by Morgan Housel and published on 08 September 2020.

The Psychology of Money is a great book for understanding the value of Money and how to manage this. In this book, you will learn how Small Habits Matter, Compounding Is Powerful, Understanding Risk, Emotions Can Sabotage Finances, Timing the Market Is Hard, Learning from Mistakes, The Role of Luck, Slow and Steady Wins, Avoiding Ruin, Life Is Uncertain

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The Psychology of Money pdf download

The psychology of money pdf
The psychology of money pdf

About: The Psychology of Money book pdf

Book NameThe psychology of Money
Author Morgan Housel
Published on 08 Sept 2020
PDF size 3MB

What is the summary of Psychology of Money book?

The biggest financial mistake we make in our lives is to turn out greedy. If we feel jealous and envious in the money market it will make our thinking unclear and blur. Financial decisions we make later depend on what happened when we were younger, such as saving, borrowing or managing money. 

Key points of The Psychology of Money pdf?

Below 10 most important key points of the Psychology of Money book pdf mentioned.

  1. Think About Spending
  2. Plan for the Future
  3. Spend with Purpose
  4. Invest Smartly
  5. Be Ready for Emergencies
  6. Deal with Debt
  7. Understand Your Money Habits
  8. Keep Learning
  9. Track How You’re Doing
  10. Get Help if Needed

Index: Psychology of Money pdf

There are a total of 12 chapters in The Psychology of Money book which are mentioned below:

  1. No One’s Crazy
  2. Luck and Risk
  3. Never Enough
  4. Confounding Compounding
  5. Getting Wealthy vs. Staying Wealthy
  6. Tails, You Win
  7. Freedom
  8. Man in the Car Paradox
  9. Wealth is What You Don’t See
  10. Save Money
  11. Reasonable > Rational
  12. Surprise!

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