Vat 69 price in Kolkata 180ml, 375ml, 750ml (Updated 2024)

Vat 69 price in Kolkata: One of the oldest blended whisky brands in the world is Vat 69, which is produced by Diageo in Scotland. In the year 1882, William Sanderson & Son Limited produced it for the first time. Early in his life, William Sanderson started working for Matthew Buchan, a manufacturer of alcohol. He acquired useful blending abilities and whisky expertise thanks to this training.

The Vat 69 whisky is easily available in Kolkata. The price of Vat 69 may depend on your location and factors like availability, taxes, and store location. To know the exact price of VAT 69 in Kolkata by visiting a nearby liquor store.

Are You a Whisky Lover from Kolkata and Looking for a Vat 69 Price in Kolkata? Today In this Article, We have Shared the Updated Vat 69 whisky Price in Kolkata and its different variants available in the market.

The Vat 69 whisky Price in Kolkata is ₹1200 for 750ml and ₹1500 for 1000ml.

Vat 69 is available in different variants: In Kolkata, VAT 69 blended whiskey is available in 5 different sizes which are mentioned below:

  • VAT 69 60ML
  • Vat 69 180ML
  • Vat 69 375ML
  • Vat 69 750ML
  • Vat 69 1000ML

Vat 69 price in Kolkata 

Brand Volume Price
Vat 69 price in Kolkata 60mlRs.100
Vat 69 price in Kolkata 180mlRs.300
Vat 69 price in Kolkata 375mlRs.600
Vat 69 price in Kolkata 750mlRs.1200
Vat 69 price in Kolkata 1000mlRs.1500

Vat 69 price in West Bengal

Vat 69 price in West BengalPrice
Vat 69 180ml price in Kolkata Rs.300
Vat 69 375ml price in Kolkata Rs.600
Vat 69 750ml price in Kolkata Rs.1200
Vat 69 1 liter price in Kolkata Rs.1500

Vat 69 Price in Delhi

Vat 69 60ml price in DelhiRs.100
Vat 69 90ml price in DelhiRs.175
Vat 69 180ml price in DelhiRs.380
Vat 69 375ml price in DelhiRs.770
Vat 69 750ml price in DelhiRs.1500
Vat 69 1000ml price in DelhiRs.1750

Vat 69 whisky Variants

Vat 69 whisky is available in three different variants which are mentioned below. The Vat 69 Blended Whisky is available in six different bottle sizes to satisfy the needs of all whisky lovers. 60 ml, 90 ml, 180 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1000 ml are available sizes in the Market allowing buyers to buy bottles based on their needs and budget.

  1. Vat 69 Black
  2. Vat 69 Gold
  3. Vat 69 Reserve

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