VK Jaiswal inorganic Chemistry pdf download free

VK Jaiswal inorganic Chemistry pdf: Hello students, today we are going to provide you VK Jaiswal inorganic Chemistry book pdf. This book is very useful for students preparing for NEET and IIT exams. The Inorganic Chemistry book by VK Jaiswal covers all the important topics of inorganic Chemistry. This book will make all the Inorganic Chemistry concepts easy to understand. This book is written in a very simple and easy language so that each student can understand it without the help of any teacher.

Balaji inorganic chemistry book describes each chapter into 3 levels.

  • Level 1: Problems based on the basic concepts.
  • Level 2: Challenge problems based on twits and concepts.
  • Level 3: Subjective, integer, matching, comprehension types of problems.

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VK Jaiswal inorganic Chemistry pdf download

The download link is given below by clicking on that you can very easily download VK Jaiswa inorganic chemistry for NEET pdf.

Here are a few guidelines for inorganic chemistry keep them in mind:

NCERT is considered an essential book for JEE and NEET. Jee Adv exams frequently pose questions that correspond with Ncert material; many times directly matching any given line from Ncert with questions on it.

Ncert should be studied, yet only covers approximately 60-67% of what’s tested in Advanced exams; to get ahead you may study from JD LEE or use his modified version by Sudarshan Guha so as not to waste your time reading things which go beyond syllabus requirements.

Avoid postponing studying Inorganic until the last moment under the impression that it can simply be learned through repetition; that would be wrong! Inorganic needs a regular revision from its very start for maximum benefit.

Mnemonics can be an extremely helpful way of memorizing things; I created several for almost all chapters I was revising every 3-4 days.

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